Austin’s Small Business SEO Consultant

My name is Harvey Vaughn. I am a small business SEO and web design consultant.  I am one of the co-founders that launched the Austin-based digital marketing firm Local Surge Media in 2010. We have worked with and helped many outstanding local and small businesses increase the number of visitors coming to their websites and social media outlets, but more importantly we dramatically increased the number and dollar amount of sales coming directly from the Internet.

I have been extracting traffic and sales from the Internet and Search Engines since 1998. I have, with partners built, grown and sold multiple Internet businesses. Among them was a web hosting company, an email service provider that worked with some of the largest digital media companies in New York, an e-commerce company that reached mid six figures a month in sales. Through my work at Local Surge Media I came to realize that there are many small business owners who couldn’t meet our minimum level digital marketing service contracts. Regardless of how awesome we are, their businesses just couldn’t afford it. This was bothersome to me because we started our company to use our extensive online marketing knowledge and skills to help high quality small and medium local businesses become more successful by ramping up their sales.

Most small businesses DON’T NEED a $3,000 monthly service!

They also don’t need to pay $5,000 – $15,000 for their website designs. But they do still need help! Today it seems you get two choices, outsourced foreign web design that costs $500-$2500 and you never really get quite what you want. Or you get “professional” web design starting from $5,000 and going up to $25,000+ and get way more than you need. In the cheaper range the designers have zero experience designing websites that function as a real business website. They have no idea how to design a website for your visitor and potential customer’s ease of use. They don’t understand the level of professional “eye appeal” that your website has to have to stand out from the crowd and say:

“You Can Trust Me with Your Time and Money!”

Your small business should not be represented by a cheap web design that looks like you put very little thought into it! As a small or medium business all you need is a nice, clean design with a professional look, easy navigation, well written informational content, contact information and easy to follow calls to action. You do not want to use stock photos that are obviously not really from your business if at all possible. You are trying to establish trust, people don’t trust stock photos. 

I prefer only to work with small and local businesses such as accountants, bookkeeping services, builders, catering companies, doctors, dentists, surgeons, electricians, real estate agents, landscapers, hotels, photographers, plumbers, restaurants, roofing companies, hair and nail salons, psychologists, water damage companies, etc. If your business is not listed in this group please email me to see if your business fits into my service.

The price of my service starts with a one time fee of $750. For that fee you are buying 5 hours of time and includes these deliverables:

  • Full onsite and offsite audit of your current website if you already have one.
  • An in-depth keyword research report so that you know what keywords you should be targeting.
  • A report analysing your local on-line competition
  • Check for any current or possible potential Google penalties for your website
  • Full audit of your social media properties (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, ect.)

I will also provide you with an outline of what you need to do to get your website’s search results to show up on the front page of Google. This is not an overnight magic pill. You will still be responsible for your own success. You will basically have a professional outline of where you are and the directions to get you where you want to be, at the top of Google. You will be responsible for your own link building, content creation, web design costs, social media, etc.

I am only providing you with “The Plan”. There is usually at least 1 hour of time left over from all of this online audit and planning work. You can schedule calls to go over any questions you may have about the reports and your road forward. I am not a stickler on the 5 hour block of time. I usually go over a little if the client needs it, but I am also not interested people who waste my time. I am only interested in working with people who take:

A  Proactive Approach to Their Own Success!

After our initial 5 hour engagement has been completed and you wish to work with me on completing “The Plan”, we can discuss specific keywords, time frames and costs. Every situation is different and each market has a different level of competition online so it is not one-size fits all. We also both have to enjoy working with each other. I want to work with positive minded and success oriented business owners.


Harvey Vaughn